EDCI 337

Assignment 4 – Beginners Guide to League of Legends

Introduction This learning content is designed as an introduction blog to beginners on League of Legends (LoL), a popular strategic competitive video game that requires teamwork. By the end of the learning plan, viewers of the blog will be able… Continue Reading →

Feedback for Jasmine’s Blog 4: Design of Multimedia Learning Objects and Artifacts

Hi, Jasmine Your posters are beautifully crafted. And the time, address and other details are also very well done. I’m sure it would be great if you opened a flower store.Do you think the creation of the poster helped you… Continue Reading →

Feedback for Junyang’s Topic 5: Inclusion & Differentiated Learning

Hi, Junyang You have a good explanation of UDL, UID, and UBD. And each explanation is very easy to understand. By giving examples of each of the thoughts you make it even more understandable to the reader. It is a… Continue Reading →

Blog 7- Photo post-processing

These two models are my family members, Kami and Yuki. Kami I changed exposure to -20 first, then change brilliance to -25, highlights to 50, and shadows to -15. After that, change to Dramatic. Yuki Change exposure to 23, the… Continue Reading →

Blog 6- How may editing video impact teaching and learning content you will create

I learned how to use Openshot video editor in this week’s study, and this week’s study will be very helpful for assignment 4 that I am going to finish next. I can record my own video and then edit it… Continue Reading →

Feedback for Kayatcheung’s blog- Inclusion and Differentiated Learning

Hi, Kayatcheung I really like your article. You understand very clearly what UDL means. And you made your understanding clear through videos and pictures. The story you told about the movie was very convincing. I strongly agree with your deep… Continue Reading →

Feedback for Jasmine’s Blog 3: Game-Based Learning

Hi, Jasmine You have a very interesting point of view. And your blog is very convincing because you have inserted a video in this blog that fits your point of view. Do you think game-based learning would be more effective… Continue Reading →

Assignment 3-Core Multimedia Skills

In assignment 3, I edited my second blog Interactive and multimedia Learning. I inserted the video in the old blog before. I made a poster using Canva and took a part of it as a featured image of blog-2. I… Continue Reading →

Blog-5 Multimedia Design for Learning & Differentiated Learning

Through this week, I understood what UID, UDL, and UbD are, where UID and UDL are the frameworks that help learners get better access to new knowledge and learning. The article Universal Instructional Design and Universal Design for Learning talked… Continue Reading →

Feedback for Junyang’s Topic 4: Design of Multimedia Learning Objects and Artifacts

Hi, JunyangYour posters and brochures look very stylish and you can tell that you know Canva’s operation very well. Your poster is very clear and concise about the topic of your event, your address, and your contact information. The brochure… Continue Reading →

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